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This is The Science of Sex, a newsletter about Understanding Human Sexuality Through the Power of Science.

For years now, we’ve strived to bring you the best content we can find relating to sexual education, sexual health, and very human stories about sex, that topic that’s eternally taboo yet ever-important. Because of the centuries of stigma surrounding human sexuality, it’s important that we use our rational minds to explore the world of sex and our voices to discuss it. 

In the darkness of ignorance and forced silence of oppression, sexuality becomes a confusing mess and an unhealthy part of our lives.

The Science of Sex would like to be the antidote to that. We seek to counter centuries of civil and religious oppression, the great assault on the senses, and the wonderful splendor of our vital sexual expression. 

Sex is more than just an act — it’s a conversation to be had between one or more persons, a monologue, a dialogue, or a broadcast, depending on whether we’re flying solo, with a partner, or in a group. Sex is an art inasmuch as it’s an expression, a performance inasmuch as it’s an interaction and a conversation between body and soul.

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